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    Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Hacked (Photo/Screencap)

    It broke out this morning that Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter got Hacked! Well, personally I would not care much about news on Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account but the thing is, people are still very lagged behind or shall we say relaxed when it comes to securing their personal representations online using social networking sites.

    If Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter got hacked, he probably succumbed himself to some level of confidence that his account is safe and cannot be breached by some foreign personalities online. Today, such a line of thinking got busted. Here is a screenshot of “Ashton Kutcher’s Tweets“, done by his account hacker:

    Ashton Kutcher Twitter Hacked

    It is said that Ashton Kutcher was attending a certain seminar or forum (?) when suddenly, someone within the same venue sneaked into his Twitter account. Ashton might not have read about web cookies catching softwares – working perfectly with a public Wi-Fi Internet connection. Anyone can just sniff over your web traces and use some back tracking systems to breaking into your online accounts and then do something malicious tricks.

    Beware people! Don’t just use the social networking tools like renting an apartment and then leave without putting on some alarm or security systems.

    Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account Hacked news also broke out in GMA news TV earlier today.

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