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    Lindsay Lohan Has Been Partying in NYC

    Actress Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali Lohan seen leaving a hair salon after getting their hair done in Beverly Hills, CA. Lindsay was in court earlier today and will now decide if she wants to take a plea deal or not. (Photo Agency)

    Work hard, party hard for Lindsay Lohan? Sure, if working hard means court dates and trying to save your career. But Lilo took some time off from all of that last week in NYC, where she was seen out at seven different hotspots in just four days.

    At the nightclub Riff Raff, one onlooker says she was “with a girlfriend and she was clutching onto her signature can of Red Bull. She was definitely in a partying mood.”

    Red Bull is non-alcoholic, and it does give you wings, so we aren’t going to hold it against her quite yet.

    A clubgoer at 10ak later that night insists she was sober:  “She was in a great mood having a good time catching up with friends, dancing. She was under a microscope because people were waiting to see if she was going to drink, but she didn’t,” the source said.

    But others seem to think she was indeed hitting the bottle…

    “Saturday night at [new restaurant] Beauty & Essex, Lindsay was at a table with her brother and sister,” the source says. “She was ordering and drinking cocktails, texting nonstop, taking pictures and acting a little crazy.”

    What we can confirm is she noshed on lobster tacos, chicken-truffle meatballs and nori-spiced tuna. Who needs liquor when you get those kinds of snacks?

    Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan washes her legal trouble out of her hair with a trip to the salon with sister Ali who hides from the cameras.

    Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan is seen with her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley at the Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles. Lohan, who faces felony charges for allegedly taking a necklace from a Venice, Calif., jewelry store, has been seeking a deal that would avoid jail time. (Pool Photo).


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