Anne Becoming Jane

    "Anne Hathaway has said she might have to quit acting if her performance in new film "Becoming Jane" is attacked by critics. Anne had to use an English accent to play write Jane Austen in the film and told Grazia that she worked hard to perfect it: “If [I knew if] I messed this up, I’d never forgive myself. I might have to stop acting. The key thing was the accent because everybody will be listening for it.”

    “I had really bad dreams about being chased around and stabbed to death with a quill by Austen.” "I was having panic attacks and would wake in the middle of the night sweating and breathing very heavily because it would have really broke my heart to have messed this one up."
    ”Anne considered staying in her new accent for the whole time during filming to avoid having to relearn it every morning but her boyfriend Raffaello Follieri wouldn’t let her: “He begged me to stop. I really immersed myself in it, but when I talked to Raffaello, he said, ‘Please! It’s bad enough you’re abroad and I can’t see you, now I can’t even hear you!’ So I spoke as myself with him.” Source:

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